Thursday, July 14, 2011

173.8 HARRY POTTER DAY! 590 calories

Same weight this morning.

I hate only having internet access in the afternoon. I feel like such a failure when I have to update (read: increase) what I've written as my calories for each day the next day.

However, the internet company says the internet at home should be working tomorrow. I hope so!

Had lunch again with the boyfriend. I think he is sufficiently not worried about me now. I've been making sure everything I've eaten in the past few says has been in front of him.

Bowl of Panera black bean soup - 170 cals
Baguette bread - 180 cals
TOTAL so far: 350 calories

I'm really frustrated right now, because I thought the side of bread they gave was 100 calories. I thought I remembered that, but clearly I was wrong. Now I have to go back and update the past few days. Sigh. I HATE it when something turns out being more calories than I was counting on...

My tattoo went ok. We got a lot done, both on the tattoo and on figuring out what we're going to put on some of the blank spots. The tattoo, when I'm done, is going to take up my entire back. I've been working on it for like a year on and off.

One thing was super horrible though; I had to put this thing under my stomach and lay down on it, to "straighten out the ditch in your back". What he meant, of course, was flatten out my jelly roll, so he could tattoo on it. I wasn't as fat as I am now when I started this tattoo.

I wish I was losing faster!

I've noticed that I tend to lose when I go to karate as well as restrict. No big surprise there, but I'm gonna make a bigger effort to go as much as possible.


Gonna go see pt 2 tonight at midnight. YAY!

EDIT: So much for fooling the boyfriend. I sent him home to get dinner while I showered, and told him to bring me a frozen dinner. I tried to send him to the ATM so I could throw dinner away, but he told me that it would waste gas. I must've seem stressed because he gave me a hug and asked what was wrong. I gave some lame excuse like "I'm used to getting my way" or something, but it was a no go. I asked him what he had for dinner, and he said 3 hotdogs. I said that wasn't that much (he's 6ft 4) and he looked at me pointedly while saying, "I had three meals today." Sigh.
Anyway, dinner is smart ones - 240 calories.


crashxDburn said...

Thank you for commenting and following my blog! I am following yours as well now. :) You're right, we are almost exactly the same weight. This could really be good for us. We could motivate each other step by step. Most of the people I follow on here are much smaller than me already, like under 150. It will be nice to see someone's blog who is in the same place as I am. I actually don't know for a fact that I am 175 right now, because I haven't weighed in about two days. I'm trying really hard to wait. I'm glad your tattoo went well. I have two so far, and next year (if I have the money) I plan to get a full back piece. The problem is that it will be massively expensive and I'm a poor delivery driver and soon-to-be college student. lol YAY FOR HARRY POTTER!!!! *squeals for joy* I'm leaving for the theater in about an hour and a half, because they're playing part one at nine o'clock and then part two at midnight. That way I will be able to get a good seat and keep it. :) Good luck with the weight loss and fooling your boyfriend. I'm glad my girlfriend is supportive of me, because I would hate to hide it from her. She actually reads my blog every day. Anyway, going to finish getting ready now. Stay strong and keep up the good work!

Anonymous said...

hello there pixie :) i thought i would reciprocate your friendship and follow your blog too :)

what was your lowest weight? and what are you aiming for? ill be here to support you and we can get there together. if you ever need a friend, just let me know. i gotcha back now, chick ;)

barbie x x x

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