Monday, July 11, 2011

What the Fuck?! 176.5 1,029 cals (FAIL)

I'm getting a little frustrated today because my weight is still the same. I know, logically, that the laws of physics are immutable and if I'm taking in  fewer calories than I'm burning I will lose weight. But sometimes it takes your body a couple of days to catch up and that's what I'm suffering through right now.

89 g banana - 79 cals
112 g of gourmet fiber pasta - 260 cals
1/2 tbs butter - 50 cals
15 g parmesean cheese - 60 cals
cup of potato soup from panera - 210 cals
TOTAL: 659 calories

I haven't even been hungry today and in fact I feel quite bloated and uncomfortable from the soup. It's actually a little unnerving how quickly I fell back into restricting.
But my boyfriend has been out of town for two weeks and he is coming home tonight. I don't want to sit at home and stare at the clock until it's time to pick him up, so I decided I will go to the 2 hours of classes at karate tonight.

And that meant I had to eat something, because this morning while in the shower I was shaving my naughty bits in anticipation of my man being home, I started to get out of breath and tired just from standing on one leg.
Pathetic, really. I think it's a combination of having restricted and being such a fatass in the first place.

I'm having internet problems right now so might not be able to update the next day or two... but I will definitely try to find a way!
I feel like I had more to say but I can't really remember it right now. I feel like it's way too early in my journey to have reached a plateau already, but fuck it, I'll deal with what I have to.

EDIT: My boyfriend came home late and I had cookies for him and I ate 3 of them :( At 80 cals each, plus a cup of 2% milk, my total for this day was actually 1,029. How fail is that?


Anonymous said...

Yay I am following you now :)

Have fun at karate,

Love AJ xx

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