Random Thinspiration

I got this from a spanish blog, which google so thoughtfully translated into english.

Every Day
Good morning, honey. How did you sleep?

- I have hunger.

No, not hungry. You just get up. Go shower. Wash your hair, wash your soul. How do you feel now?

- I have hunger

No, you do not. Do not be stupid. You are not hungry, what happened is that you're bored. Paint your nails. A bright color for a bright person like you. Yellow, orange. Really excellent. You look pretty. How do you feel now?

-I yet have hunger

Well, maybe something small now. Anyway, it's past lunchtime. You can eat some fruit. A small piece. An apple? Half an apple is better. Success! Feel better?

- A little

But of course you feel better! You just replace normal food fats with a piece of fruit. Healthy, natural, innocent. Fresh, pure. All profits for you. How do you feel?

- Best

In fact you feel better. You look better than ever. So cute and beautiful. Why not read a book now? Read a book. Done. Feel better?

- A little better ... but anyway I have hunger.

Okay you're hungry, you're supposed to feel hungry. It's a good thing. That tells you that you're winning.

- My stomach hurts and I feel very weak. I just want to eat something, please?

You want to be thin, or not? You want to feel the great gap between your legs, no? That perfect stomach, that boyfriend you can easily load, those jealous girlfriends playing with your hair and whisper how thin you've become? But hey, go ahead and eat. You do not need to be thin to be happy.

- You're right, I'm an idiot.

Here, here's some fruit. But not so! A fourth. Now eat slowly. Chew 32 times. Here, here is water, take lots and lots. I do not care you're not thirsty, drink water only. You are already full? Done. You do not feel beautiful now?