Sunday, July 10, 2011

What day is it?? 176.5 850 cals

It's hard to keep my days and calories straight when I don't sleep. I don't know what day to add things to. This will just be Sunday's info, seeing as its 4am on Sunday. I had 70 calories of roast beef. I wasn't even hungry, but my boyfriend of almost 4 years and I broke up for a minute and I felt the binge monster lurking around. We are NOT an on-again off-again couple or anything lame like that, so this was a big deal. This is only the 2nd time we've almost broken up. I think today is gonna be a higher calorie day, just because yesterday was SO low.

My right leg and lower back hurt terribly!

EDIT: Here's today's updates.

7 thin roast beef slices - 70 cals
100 calorie bag of kettle korn - 100 cals
Box of fiber gourmet macaroni - 680 cals
TOTAL 850 cals

They had an error with the macaroni a while back where the were putting too much pasta in the boxes. I never know if I got one of those boxes or the regular ones. I calculated with the higher amt. If I did indeed get the lower amt, my intake would be more like 670 cals. But better safe than sorry!

Last night was really rough. Like I mentioned before, boyfriend and I almost broke up. He wants me to have better mental health. I agreed to go see a counselor of some sort if he did too. I was dithering this morning on whether or not to pig out (which is basically my idea of eating "regularly"), but I decided I would instead try to focus on "balance". I was feeling really down, and wanted a comfort food. I opted for a healthy alternative macaroni. I could have stopped eating it at 1/2 the box (it is 40% fiber after all,) but I just wanted the mental satisfaction of finishing something. Of feeling full.

I find it really hard to find balance in anything I do. I tend to either fast for days and days or pig out. But I'm trying. I have to learn if I want this relationship to work.

Weight was up this morning, and with all the food I just ate I don't doubt that it's up even more. It's not high calorie, but it has a good deal of mass. I just hope things pass through quickly!


Anonymous said...

Hi thanks for your comment hon :). I wanted to follow your blog but I can't seem to find the tab for following at the moment? Not sure if it's your layout, you don't want followers or if it's just my browser being rubbish again!

Good luck with the restricting, AJ xx

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