Friday, July 15, 2011

172.9 180 calories

Is my scale on drugs?
I think my scale is on drugs.

This morning, it first said 174.2 lbs. But then I weighed myself again and it said like 173 something. And I did it again and it said like 175. So I figured it needed new batteries.Turns out the ones I put in had that magic "press both ends and it will tell you how much charge it has in it" strip and it said they were fully charged.


I left the new batteries in anyway and left it alone.

Came back a couple hours later, weighed 3x, it says 172.9 So we'll just go with that.

Zero calories so far today...

I guess that's it for now! 

EDIT: Not quite zero calories today, but still very good.
I had 2 dream bars at 90 calories each, total 180 calories.

Haven't really done much today but worry about the future and feel sorry for myself. Hope things are better tomorrow.


kes said...

I hate when the scale says things that don't make sense. But weight does fluctuate several times during the day for whatever reason. Hopefully it's right. Hopefully you can stay at 0 calories for the rest of the day.

crashxDburn said...

I think my scale is on the same drugs as yours. If I weigh myself three times in a morning I can either get the same thing or three different things, depending on the morning. So frustrating!

Sugar Bones said...

My scales been lying too! What is this? Three different weights in 5 minutes. Nothing more frustrating then an unreliable scale, that's supposed to be the one thing you can count on; tape measures are difficult and eyes are no good for accurately gauging weight.

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